# Software

All developed software is organized within the openEO GitHub organization (opens new window).

# Clients

Software that allows remote sensers and other users to access the openEO back-ends:

Client software Package Manager / Hosted Version GitHub
JavaScript/TypeScript library npm: @openeo/js-client (opens new window) openeo-js-client (opens new window)
Python library PyPI: openeo (opens new window) / Conda Forge: openeo (opens new window) openeo-python-client (opens new window)
QGIS plugin QGIS plugin repository: openeo-qgis-plugin-master (opens new window) openeo-qgis-plugin (opens new window)
R library CRAN: openeo (opens new window) openeo-r-client (opens new window)
Web Editor Hosted Version (opens new window) openeo-web-editor (opens new window)

See the getting started guide for users for more information. Users considering to implement a new client library should read the getting started guide for client developers.

# Back-ends

Data and infrastructure providers can host their own instance of the openEO API:

See the getting started guide for back-end providers for more information.

To start developing a new back-end driver, you may start with any of the common functionalities implemented in several programming languages:

Our approach to tackle language-agnostic user-defined functions can be found in the following repositories:

# Specification

The API specification is available in the openEO API repository (opens new window). The process definitions are available in the openEO processes repository (opens new window).

# Ecosystem

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