MOOC Cubes and Clouds - open for registration

Written on March 22, 2024 by Peter Zellner.

The latest EO college course “Cubes and Clouds” explores the newest concepts in Earth Observation through engaging lectures, videos, animated content, and hands-on exercises!

openEO plays a main role in the course due to its standardized API for homogenizing cloud processing. It allows for portablility of the created workflow between different cloud providers, reproducibility and sharing of the workflow which is enriched with valuable metadata. The idea behind and need for openEO are tought in a dedicated lecture. All hands-on exercises use openEO, guiding participants from basic processes to carrying out end-to-end EO workflows and sharing their results!

You can subscribe to the course for free and learn about cloud native EO at Cubes & Clouds – EO College ( (opens new window).