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31 January 2018

Second week of intensive collaboration: Jan 22-24, 2018

by Marius Appel

On Jan 22-24, the Institute for Geoinformatics at the University of Muenster hosted the second week of intense collaboration. 16 developers from 8 partners worked on implementing the proof of concept use cases for different clients and backends, improving the core API, and connecting the clients to different backends.

We continued implementing the GeoTrellis, WCPS, GRASS GIS, and Sentinel Hub backend drivers and a Python client for OpenEO, which we started during our meeting in December at VITO.

Besides many improvements in the proof of concept implementations, this week resulted in two more prototypical OpenEO clients:

During the three days, we also discussed important ideas of the core API specification and how it can be improved by supporting synchronous processing and representing descriptions of process chains as resources. EODC presented its new OpenShift-based architecture to run OpenEO queries in containers. Further important discussions made clear how our proof of concept in month 6 will look like.

More details of the week’s results can be found in our GitHub repositories.