openEO develops an open API to connect various clients to big EO cloud back-ends in a simple and unified way.

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18 December 2017

First week of intensive collaboration: Dec 4-6, 2017

by Edzer Pebesma

On Dec 4-6, VITO’s remote sensing lab hosted the first openEO week of intensive collaboration, in Mol, Belgium. Thirteen developers from 8 different partners gathered to discuss, and work on realising the first three use cases, which are planned to be delivered in Month 6 (March 2018):

We worked on the following back-ends:

and on the R and python clients, and started working on a glossary.

Among the many insights we gathered by sitting together and talk, we found that

Intermediate results can be found in a bunch of repositories, mostly proof-of-concept, on the openEO Github organisation.